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across the border in 2008, then candidate obama visited that same town and one day before his latest -- this latest attack, the president talked about that visit, saying, i saw again how israeli security can be measured in mere miles and minutes. conor powell is live with us. what more do we know about the timing of the launch? reporter: there's no doubt that the rockets fired from gaza into southern israel were tied to president obama's trip to the holy land. this is a message from. those in the gaza strip-remember us. the rockets did little physical damage. no one was injured or killed but the symbolic damage was significant. the rockets broke the very fragle cease fire that has been in place for four or five months since the november war, but most importantly reminds the world israel faces to different challenges in the path to peace. one in with the palestinian authority, and ham mass -- hamas that refuses to recognize israel's right to exist. >> shepard: part of the credit is given to this iron dome system that the u.s. helped with. is it getting credit for this one? reporter: w
be unachievable. achieving be unachievable. >> there was one phrase that barack obama used again and again, telling israeli leaders the same phrase, telling palestinian leaders earlier today, two states for two people, side by side. earlier today, palestinian leaders welcomed pope language of the rights of palestinians, access to the holy sites, but they did not hear barack obama criticizing the jewish settlement construction on the occupied west bank and the same strong terms that he used at the start of his first term in office. the message was not we have to vote for new ways of thinking, get out of old habits and old formulas. in other words, put your differences aside, sit down at the table and talk. we will find out if they listen to that message. >> what is your understanding from the israeli government about how they have received his visit? >> two israeli government official said a short time ago that obama has taken over israel. they have been charmed by the american president. they have listened to his words, listen to what they thought was a very strong show of support for isra
was going to be why do you believe the israeli people have not embraced president obama the same way they embraced our last two u.s. presidents? thank you. >> so you had to get a polling question in there and write it in, huh? >> chuck, i mean you're just incorrigible. >> the laurel and hardy of bilateral press conferences, we'll discuss special relationships and two-state solutions when the "new republic"'s ben birnbaum joins us, next. [ female announcer ] you walk into your laundry room and it just hits you! that nasty odor coming from your washer. say farewell to the smell with tide washing machine cleaner. it goes straight to the source of the stink to lift odor-causing residues off your washer's drum. tide washing machine cleaner. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! retty conservative. thanks. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the g
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on the whole bernanke has done a good job. he has made the same mistake obama has made, which is you want estimating the depth and length of this weak economy. in some ways the strongest argument for obama to replace him is a partisan argument. there have bn republicans this job now for more than 20 years. and i think democrats may not want the fed chairman job to be something that is seen as a republican job. now, bernanke is, of course, being criticized much more by republicans than democrats will at this point but he still is originally a republican, there are some, geithner, and summers, and including in blinder who would be serious candidates if persh key were to leave. >> rose: your thought, sir? the scuttlebutt from everybody is that he'll probably have snufafteeight years. i do believe that if he wants a third term and he asked the president for it, he'd probably get it for the reasons david said. he's done a very good-- never mind personal, never mind republican. he's just done a very good job. as david said, he's got republicans a lot angrier than teams, even though he came into
obama the same way they embraced the last two as presidents? thank you. >> you had to get in a polling question right at the end. [laughter] >> chuck, you're in court doublncorrigible. having failed to achieve peace in the middle east in my first term, i must've screwed up i hope i'm a better president now but when it first came into office. my commitment was not to achieve year ordeal in my first second year or third year. that would have been nice. what i said was that i would not wait to start on the issue until my second term. i thought it was too important. that is exactly what i did. i'm absolutely sure that there are a host of things i could've done that would have created better optics, but ultimately this is a really hard problem. it has been lingering for over six decades. the parties involved have some that youinterests over. spin or spoo smooth work a hard slog to through all of these issues. i will add that both parties have politics, just like we do back home. there are a bunch of things i would like to do back home that i did not get done in the first term. moreure i cou
weapon. >> do you see it the same way? >> i think what obama did was bought himself some time. remember, there's a lot of opposition inside the israel establi establishment anyway. a test will really come if the u.s. gets close to a diplomatic deal with iran, would this israeli government support any diplomatic deal the united states could get with iran. >> why does it matter if we get a deal not to go nuclear with weapons, why does it matter if israel that? >> because a lot of republicans would be opposed to it. >> how would that hurt our government. >> if there is a deal, we have to give on something, not a complete capitulation from iran, some gestures towards lifting sanctions towards the europeans, maybe by us that may take action by congress and will be a political battle with washington and how netanyahu responds plays out. >> more than time, he bought time as peter said but also bought leverage. as prime minister netanyahu has been arguing and the prime minister has been arguing the president now accepts is get them to a position where they negotiate away their nuclear weapon ca
issued a statement saying president obama's ncaa bracket is a shocking failure of leadership. house republican conference put this video on youtube, echoing the same complaint. how dare he. all kinds of congressional republicans, including house speaker john boehner went on twitter insisting obama should stop this outrage of liking sports. get off my lawn! it is march madness, republican style. the first day of spring, the annual opportunity for house republicans to turn over an old leaf they know they shouldn't turn over any more but they can't stop themselves. also clearly it is going to be gonzaga. that does it for us tonight. see you tomorrow night. right now, time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." have a great evening. >>> tonight, here in washington, we now know that when the president's away, republicans will play the same budget games they play when he's here. >> the united states of america stands with the state of israel. >> obama in israel for the first time as president. >> joking with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that it was good to get from cong
bank. >> reporter: dave, president obama wants israel to give palestinians their space but at the same time he didn't make any immediate demands to move out of the west bank area. in a few hours, the president will be speaking again at a dinner hosted by israel's president. about 45 minutes ago when he was speaking to a crowd of mostly young students. >> the future is bound to ours. >> [ inaudible shouting ] >> no, no. this is part of the lively debate we talked about. this is good. >> president obama wants to get peace talk started between leaders. he held a joint news conference earlier today with palestinian president. both said it is time to start direct peace talks with israel. and just yesterday, told president obama israel is committed to a two state solution. israel and palestinian leaders have not negotiated but admit compromise is needed. he says both parties deserve the same thing. >> young people can work together to make progress in three areas that will define our types. security, peace and prosperity. >> earlier today, israeli police said militants fired rockets at south
ago. he and abbas had a working lunch and will visit a youth center. president obama wants do hear from palestinians and israelis on what it will take to restart pass negotiation -- peace negotiations. >> my message is the same, we cannot give up. we cannot give up on the search if peace no matter how hard. >> president obama will return to jerusalem later today for a speech to israeli college students. katie marzullo will have more on the president's trip in the next half hour. >> on capitol hill the house will vote on a short-temperature budget bill to avert a government shut down, new a week arm. the measure fund every cabinet agency and earmark another $87 billion for oversees military operations. the senate already approved the bill which includes $85 billion in spending cuts. that could cost thousands of federal workers their jobs. >> a respected pediatrician group is weighing in on the well-being of children raised by gay parents saying this a stable, parental relationship can produce healthy well adjusted children regardless of the parents' sexual orientation. the report sa
story of what president obama may not have said yesterday about israel. and he is apparently on the same page as charles krauthammer was last night. neither of these men huge fans of president obama when it comes to his policy on israel, but both men heard something new yesterday, something you haven't heard a lot about in the headlines and ralph will be here to explain in just a bit. we also have new developments in the search for truth about benghazi. south carolina senator lindsey graham is today saying he will meet with white house -- i should say with house republican leaders and ask them to subpoena the survivors of last year's attack that killed four americans in benghazi, including our ambassador to libya. he's asking the house to do it because the republican majority has the power to subpoena. senate democrats do not. the democrats control the senate. some say that the obama administration has blocked them from speaking to the survivors and saying they're stop that from happening and that the white house has something to hide. we'll continue to follow it. meantime, there is a bu
new stories coming your way over the next 60 minutes, and on the same day that president obama delivers his speech to the israeli people, terrorists if gaza target jewish neighborhoods, and iranian threats target the entire country. we'll go live to jerusalem. >>> also, three years after the passage of obamacare, is it working? is the health care law doing what it set out to do? we'll take a closer look at that. >>> plus, remember sars from ten year withs ago? well, there's a brand new virus that has a lot of people worrying in public health. the can corona virus. what is it, and what do you need to know about it? we'll have all of that and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. ♪ jenna: rockets slam into israel during the president's visit as fears of or war dominate his mideast trip. welcome to brand new hour of "happening now," i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. two rockets fired from gaza striking southern israel this morning. they didn't cause much damage, no deaths reported, but the rockets serve as a reminder that the president is vis
are one of the two couples behind the lawsuit challenging the ban on same-sex marriage. since the passage in 2008, polls show sentiment has shifted. president obama now supports marriage for the nation's gays and lesbians and his administration has filed a brief with the u.s. supreme court. >> if we're successful and prevail, and no lower court rulings are reversed and prop 8 goes away. >> that is our fwo. it will send a message to the country. >> but will not change the minds minds of critics like bill may. >> not about same-sex marriages. it's about the question of whether marriage should be redefined. >> this berkeley couple says they aren't trying to redefine marriage but have access to it. justices are expected to rule by the end of june. >> and carrow slin traveling to washington, d.c. where the supreme court will consider whether prop 8 wrongly de. >> i nis gays and lesbians the rights to marriage. live reports begin on tuesday. >> breaking news in the south bay. a day care teach year accused of trying to drug students faces 10 misdemeanor charges. the 59-year-old is charged with f
this is fearmongering at the highest order, but i have to say at the same time, dr. carson has a similar message, in that medicare and the obama health care policy ought to be fully repealed as well. he just said it in a bit of a nicer way. it remains to be seen if the republicans can make any headway beating this dead horse. some people in the republican party have said quite overtly, stop it, we've lost, we're moving on, rep governors are accepting the medicaid expansion. this is kind el knee ander that will retrograde politics on the part of michele bachmann. >> what's your reaction? she appears to be consistently now openly flagrantly lying about virtually everything. >> yeah, i mean, i'm disheartened that you can say something like that and not be censured for it. she's saying that the president signed into law a piece of legislation that will kill children? >> that is what she said. >> you're missing the ice flow provision. >> the bottom line is she's a joke. i don't think very many people -- >> she's a member of the house, joy. and she was reelected. >> and part of the tea party caucus. >
president abbas. president obama says he wants it hear from both palestinians and israelis on what it will take to restart the peace talks. >> my main message today is the same message i'm conveying in israel, we cannot give up. we can nut give up on the search for peace no matter how hard it is. >> president obama will return to jerusalem later today for a speech to israeli college students. >> the scene of a faith swat stand off in vallejo that forces dozens of people out of their homes yesterday afternoon define police and an armed man holed up inside a house on sutter and indiana. neighbors say the man came to this home for money. the couple who owns the house had cared for him in the past but were not there. when police arrived he ran into the house. >> they came in closer, come out with your hands up. well not hurt you. then they started shooting, bam, bam, bam, bam. we were scared. >> police say the man poked a shutdown out the window and fired. several officers fired back and the man was found dead in the house when they went in finally. >> new details on the family fund fo
that they are staunchal lies, maybe even friends. obama joking about meeting netanyahu's sons. >> they are very good-looking young men who clearly got their looks from their mother. >> well, i can say the same of your daughters. >> reporter: after meeting with obama for more than two hours netanyahu affirmed his trust of the president when it comes to iran. >> i'm absolutely convinced that the president is determined to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. >> reporter: later today the president returns to jerusalem where he hopes to bring a little campaign magic to the trip with a speech to some 600 israeli college students. the white house sees this as an opportunity to speak directly to the israeli people. urging them to make a new effort to make peace with the palestinians. >> something they very much want to do. >> indeed, robin, we turn to the latest on that massive manhunt under way in colorado. the head of the state's prison systems gunned down on his front doorstep in front of his wife. abc's clayton sandell is in monument, colorado, with the very latest this morning. good morning to y
. >> peter, do you see it the same way, as common ground now? >> well, i think what obama did was buy himself some time. remember, there's a lot of opposition inside the establishment to unilaterally strike anyway. the task will come if the u.s. gets close to a diplomatic deal with iran, would israel support any deal that the united states could manage to get with iran? i think that would be the real test. >> but why does it matter? if we get a deal with iran for them not to go nuclear in terms of weapon, why does it matter if israel opposes that if we accomplish our goal? >> because i think a lot of republicans in congress, frankly, would stand with netanyahu. >> our government. >> i think it would mean -- if there's going to be a deal, we would have to give on something. it will not be a complete capitulation. there will have to be and take more than time, he bought time, as peter said, but he also bought leverage. what prime minister netanyahu has been arguing and many people in the united states has been arguing and the president accepts is that in order to get iran to the position we hop
of america, in egypt for supporting terrorists and the same in the west bank, leslie referred to, they're defacing pictures of president obama, throwing shoes at it and believe that the supposed to be quote, unquote insinuated in cairo have been turned back again. and when you talk about a two-state solution, you have to have a willing peace partner on the other side and not just that there's not really a two-state. you're talking potentially three-state solution because hamas and gaza strip are totally different than fatah and the west bank. >> sean: and leslie, let me ask you a question, why should the israelis, why should they trust barack obama, who snubbed just beyond the pale snubbed bb netanyahu in the white house, that claimed they should go back to '67 border, we promised israel we would never ask them to do that. obama did it and then on top of that, sarkozy says that bb is a liar and oh, i've got to deal with him every week. why would bb netanyahu ever trust this man, the israelis, because i wouldn't if i were them. >> it's not about trust, it's about business. a, if you wan
obama and speaker of the house, john boehner, both in denial or are they drinking the same stuff? >> i think it's important to recognize is that we've already cut 2.5, 2.7 trillion dollars out of the deficit. if the sequester stays in you've got over 3 1/2 trillion dollars of deficit reduction already so we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact for the next ten years it's in sustainable place. >> we do not have an immediate debt crisis, but we all know we have one looming. >> greta: turns out a majority of americans disagree with the president and the speaker of the house. a new poll showing, a fox poll, that 68% of americans describe the national debt as an immediate problem. only 27% say the debt can be handled in the future. mayor, what do you think? the speaker and the president don't think it's an immediate problem? >> i think the american people are far better economists than the people in washington. the reality we do have a serious debt problem. it's been accumulating now for four or five years. under obama it's been accumulating at massive amounts and there'
obama is still very real. >> the president traveled to the west bank today. any word on what came out of his meeting with president abbas? >> reporter: well, pretty much the same thing as with the israelis. don't forget this is being portrayed as an attempt to mend faces with the israelis. it is the same thing with the palestinians. he lost the israelis four years ago in a speech in cairo. he gained the support of the palestinians in that speech because he called for a palestinian state. but so little has happened. so little has changed on the ground that he lost the support of the palestinian people. their reaction to president obama today ranged from indifference to outright hostility. he was well received in the palestinian headquarters in ramallah but outside the headquarters, you only had to go a few hundred yards and you would have found over the past few days in ramallah, almost daily demonstrations by palestinians against the president, calling him the president of the israelis. they said you're no -- the refrain among the palestinian protesters was you're no friend of the pal
to start ten minutes from now. we'll bring it to you the minute it happens, expecting president obama and the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. >>> meantime just ahead, surprising statement on same-sex marriage from the american academy of pediatrics. stay with us. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. >>> welcome back to "starting point." no plea deal for major nidal hasan, charged with killing 13 people at the ft. hood military base. he was willing to plead guilty under certain conditions, but the court-martial judge rejected those. >>> the american academy of pediatrics is coming out in support of same-sex marriage. the academy announced its support in a ten-page report. it studied scientific liter
the negotiations. >> one of my main messages today, the same message i'm conveying in israel, is that we cannot give up, we cannot give up on the search for peace, no matter how hard it is. >> reporter: president obama called for no preconditions. he wants everybody to just start sitting down. >> make no mistake. those who adhere to the ideology of rejecting israel's right to exist might as well reject the earth beneath them or the sky above because israel's not going anywhere. [ applause ] >> reporter: it's back to israel where the premier speech of this trip, an attempt to win over the israeli public. traveling with the president in ramallah, this is chuck todd, nbc news. >>> the president's message of peace, not reaching gaza where palestinian militants fired two rockets at southern israel this morning, causing some damage there. but no reports of injuries. this was at a town near the border. at the time of this rocket attack, president obama was in israel, but he was miles away at the israel museum in jerusalem to see the dead sea scrolls. >>> big changes could be on the way for yosemite. t
on the same page on iran. just one way of putting this when the prime minister approached the podium, he talked about iran first. president obama mentioned it last. in fact, prefacing it with the word finally. and here's what they said. >> we prefer to resolve this diplomatically. and there's still time to do so. >> diplomacy and sanctions so far have not stopped iran's nuclear program. >> do you think the u.s. really has, i'll quote president obama, all options on the table when it comes to iran when you hear words like you heard today? >> well, erin, i think we have to look at the facts. and the facts are that words in washington or in jerusalem don't stop centrifuges and events. as all this has gone on, the iranians actually tripled the pace that they're accelerated the pace of uranium enrichment and so it's not actually stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. so i agree with the prime minister that we have to be -- have to have credible threat on the table beyond the diplomatic threat. >> do you trust the united states would truly act in a military all in sort of way if forced
, with an access. we will see over the course of the next year the united states oil production reached the same level as import. the milestone. by 2022 it will be energy independent. as you suggest, a program could achieve that reality much sooner . you're really saying the president obama's wasted the la four years? >> you betty has. there have been some things they have done ight. the cyber attacks have been great, but the real problem is for the last hundred years the world has gone to war over access to energy. we have now been given the energy of a dream of a lifetime. we have energy independence within our grasp. oil, natural gas. then what happens? we don't need to be in the middle of every civil war because they have their own energy. lou: we have not address the energy -- issue central to our foreign policy go about -- over last two decades, and it's about damn time our leaders started thinking about them. thank you both. we appreciate very much. thank you. much more on the president's day in israel and the tensions that are rising in the middle east. we will have much more throughout
. >> same-sex marriage, what is your view on that, please? >> well, the bible says it's gross. >>> look at bo. he is on the hunt. the youngest member of the obama family looking for easter eggs on the south lawn. and the white house will, despite some reports to the contrary, host the easter egg roll for kids on april 1st. go, bo, go. >>> if you read only one thing this morning, my must-read is about the single mom who was fired for selling girl scout cookies at work. she was charged with, quote, operating a personal cash business which violates company policy. what do you think? let me know. it's up on our facebook page at facebook/jansingco. don't forget to like us. i hope i get the cookies i ordered here. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working fast
performed by national captioning institute] -- this is president obama's second trip to israel. >> the supplies were to be issued by a brigade and he hospital was to be created for each division and personnel and equipment were the same. when the battle is taking place and over, there is only one thoseper division that wagons would supply needs -- with supplyidens and need to go. to evacuate the wounded, get them to the right place, have enough supplies, there have to be a system. they transported the wounded to an aid station that is close to the field of battle. they did this avia structure. and this was no easy task. these men had to be trained. when the front structure bearer stepped off with his left foot, the rear step off with his right to decrease the jostling of the patient and to be facing poleward and able to get across. gettysburg had difficult terrain at times. >> this weekend on american history to become a battlefield edicine as it is kirk -- battlefield medicine at gettysburg. >> a discussion over the fate of the the purpose -- over the debate of the fiscal year
their possessions stolen. >> catherine: at that same meeting the showed these signs with public safety messages edges. it has apparently worked. coming up president obama wrapping up his middle eastern tour . mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >> this high school in pennsylvania is not allowed in pennsylvania the brands 'ax'... [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start. t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ignition. [ male announcer ] launch your internet experience on at&t's newly expanded advanced digital network and connect more wi-fi-enabled devices at home. [ female announcer ] call to get u-verse high speed internet starting at $14.95 a month -- a guaranteed price for 12 months. or ask how to get your choice of a
and genius at the same time. all you skeptics can splash down on the ridiculist. skeptics, yo splashdown on the ridicu-list. that's it for us. >>> breaking news, everyone. live pictures of president obama who just arrived in ramallah in the west bank. this is the second day of his trip to israel and the west bank and the entire region right now. he is scheduled to meet with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas later today. you can see president obama with president abbas at this arrival ceremony in ramallah. it's already been an eventful day for the president in the region. two rockets did strike southern israel earlier today, about 60 miles from jerusalem, where the president was. no changes to the president's schedule, though, as you just saw. he has arrived in ramallah in the west bank. john king is helping cover this trip. he is in jerusalem right now. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, john. this is a very important visit by the president. you heard when he was in israel yesterday, president netanyahu saying sure, i'll go back to the bargaining table. he urged t
't all necessarily see the world the same way. in fact, a hard line gaza group fired two rockets, hamas, into israel today and then fired off a message calling president obama a dog. what's going on? what did you see? >> reporter: wolf, it is one of the huge obstacles to resuming a peace process. in the west bank you have mahmoud abbas and his fata movement. the president said maybe they are not doing everything he would like but are making important political and economic steps. then he said there is a huge divide politically and economically when you look at gaza. from our visit on that point you'd have to say the president is dead right. to visit gaza is to step back in time. and to wonder if hate will ever give way to peace. celebrations of the hamas military wing that lobs rockets into israel. and tributes to men hamas calls martyrs but by most any other definition would be called murderers and terrorists. poverty, run down housing, mules and horses alongside beat up cars. here, though, proof gaza doesn't have to be so bleak. this man says those with jobs are less likely to choose
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